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Only ten minutes away from Midtown, our 36th Street office space in Astoria is set right in Studio Square, a bustling event and entertainment destination that hosts major events in fashion, food, music, and more. Beyond the entrepreneurs of our coworking space, the opportunities to meet and work with fascinating people with a variety of interests are endless. Get to work on your next venture in this urban landscape known for its Beer Garden, bars and pubs, and cafes.
Surrounded by beautiful pre-war buildings and public parks, WeWork Brooklyn Heights is located in a neighborhood rich with history. Members will love the easy access to five major subway lines and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. The location's 1,000+ members have access to 17+ conference rooms, a surplus of common area space, and huge windows—perfect for natural light.
Based in one of L.A.'s tallest buildings, WeWork Gas Tower offers incredible views of downtown Los Angeles and is just a short walk from Pershing Square. The WeWork community here is tight-knit, with many members working in fashion, media, and law.
WeWork Grant Park is ideally located in the East Loop adjacent to Chicago's central business district with unobstructed views overlooking its namesake park and Lake Michigan, in addition to being just a few blocks from Millennium Park, Lakeshore Path and more.
TriNet offers WeWork members a very special price and offer on HR solutions.
Small to mid-sized startups and businesses in a variety of industries partner with TriNet to manage human resources, employee benefits...
Save up to 50% on healthcare
Accounting & taxes for entrepreneurs.
Done right, done for you.
WeWork members receive exclusive savings, up to $2000 annually, on full-service accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services. This includes 10% off prioritized on-boarding and free VIP extended support hours.
Your one stop accounting shop
Need more space? MakeSpace is your infinite closet, offering WeWork Members 10% off every month.
Makespace is offering services to pick-up, drop-off, and deliver your stuff, and can scale to accommodate any need
Need more space? MakeSpace is your infinite closet, offering WeWork Members 10% off every month.
CommonBond can save you money on your student loans
WeWork members who refinance student loans with CommonBond will receive a cash bonus of $500, in addition to superior rates and service - all with no additional fees!
CommonBond can save you money on your student loans
Save up to $5,000 as a WeWork member.
As a WeWork member you can save up to $5,000 on the origination fee for any loan from Bond Street. Their quick and affordable financing can be used to invest in your growth whether it be hiring new employees, purchasing equipment or refinancing expensive debt.
Financing the growth of your business
Grow the community and get rewarded
Know someone in need of workspace? When you refer a friend to WeWork, you'll earn a 10% monthly referral fee for up to a year.
Our Community is growing. Refer a friend
Have your next meeting at a new location.
Did you know that you can book conference rooms at any of our 30+ locations across the globe? On the conference rooms booking page just change your location at the top to book at a new location.
Book rooms at any location
Add your business services to get notified of new opportunities
Did you know that hundreds of members are looking for help every week? When you fill out your business services on your company profile, you will get notified of these awesome opportunities!
Get more customers
Need additional Printing Credits? Purchase a Service Package today
Printing lots of documents? Going over on credits? Service Packages are designed to increase value and flexibility on the basic services you use the most. Save now on additional credits by purchasing a Service Package.
Purchase a Service Package
Purchase a Service Package
Need additional Conference Room Credits? Purchase a Service Package today
Booking lots of conference rooms? Going over on credits? Service Packages are designed to increase value and flexibility on the basic services you use the most. Save up to 20% on credits by purchasing a Service Package.
Purchase a Service Package
Purchase a Service Package
Members are curious about what you do!
Did you know that by filling out your profile you're more likely to get customers, connect with members, and get notified of events and opportunities that are more relevant to you? Fill out your profile today.
Get seen
Update your profile
You can save thousands of dollars with our personal and professional discounts
Did you know that as a member, you have access to discounts on tons of services, from flower delivery to web hosting. Check out all of the amazing benefits and start saving!
Save $$$
View benefits
Have a problem or feedback? Let us know!
If you ever need help with your space, or just want to share an idea, you can do that by submitting a support ticket. It'll go directly to the team that can help you out fastest.
Get support
Save 25% on your one-year subscription to Office 365 Business or Business Premium
Office 365 Business now includes the new Office 2016 apps for your PC and Mac. Do your best work with fully installed Office applications across your devices plus online file storage and sharing.
Office 365
Free Fitness Classes!
We’re offering various group exercise classes from NYC’s top fitness professionals. For a limited time, these classes are free to WeWork members and guests!
Sign Up for a Class
Stay for a few nights
Enjoy the luxuries of travel with the comforts of community. Find a true home-away-from-home with amenities and kindred spirits when traveling to NYC.
Book Now
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